Border Management Training in Dushanbe

Where and when

18-22 April 2011, Dushanbe


From 18-22 April 2011, officials from various Tajikistan government agencies involved in border control participated in a CESS training course in Dushanbe. They were welcomed to the course by the British ambassador to Tajikistan, Trevor Moore, who hosted a reception in their honour. At the beginning of the course, the keynote speech was delivered by General Mansur Umarov, the national border coordinator, who stressed the need for Tajikistan to fight smuggling, corruption and the infiltration of extremists and terrorists.

The teaching team, led by Sami Faltas, also included Richard Lewington, who is the former British ambassador to Kazakhstan; Tamas Kiss, Chief Technical Advisor in Kyrgyzstan to the EU programme for aid to Border Management in Central Asia; and Lieutenant-Colonel (retired) Sergey Batyuk, a former officer of the Russian border guards who until recently taught at the OSCE Border Management Staff College in Dushanbe.

In the mornings, the participants discussed issues of border management in Tajikistan with experts from the OSCE, UNDP, the IOM and the American Bar Association's Rule of Law initiative, as well as the independent political analyst Parviz Mullojanov.

During the afternoons, the trainees engaged in a simulation exercise on integrated border management in the fictitious post-Soviet republic of Croania, "somewhere south of Russia."


Border Management in Tajikistan


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