Training Course on Defence Reform and Parliamentary Oversight in the Security Sector Context

Where and when

22-23 September 2006, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Three key questions and issues were addressed during this Roundtable. First, we discussed the specific dynamics of the defence reform process within the security-sector reform context of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and, more specifically, how both countries are reforming their Armed Forces in different circumstances. Secondly, we talked about the way Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are proceeding to make their security and intelligence structures more efficient and effective and how this influences the search for indicted war criminals that are still at large. Finally, the subject of how the parliaments of both countries exercise oversight of the security sector and how they contribute to the reform of this sector came up. We looked into the neighbourhood experiences and practices that could be useful to BiH and Serbia.


DRINA: Defence Reform Initiative for Bosnia and Herzegovina / Serbia and Montenegro


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