High-level Conference 'SSR in Central-Asia'

Where and when

24 - 25 September 2009, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan


On 24 and 25 September, the Centre for European Security Studies conducted a high-level conference on Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Central Asia. This was the region's first conference on SSR implemented by civil society organisations. Amongst the participants were researchers and practitioners from the Central Asian countries, Europe, the US, and Russia, as well as Intergovernmental Organisations like the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, NATO, the EU and the CSTO.

During the conference we asked ourselves which measures the five Central Asian states take individually to counter security threats and to what extent they are engaged in a process of SSR. Besides that, we looked at international involvement in the region and which prospects for regional cooperation could be identified.

Please find beneath a summary of the presentations of the first day of the conference and some presentations of the key-note speakers of the second day. The presentations of the speakers on the first day cannot be published here (yet), as these are also the outlines for their respective chapters for the book CESS is to publish on SSR in Central Asia.

More photo's of the conference can be found here.

presentation Lt. Col. Whitchurch (UK Defense Academy)
Key-note speech Mr. Ambassador Chernyavski (ret.)
Key-note speech HE Ambassador Keltchewsky (OSCE)
Key-note speech HE Ambassador Potuyt (the Netherlands)
Key-note speech Mr. Tasso-Villalonga (European Commission)
Key-note speech Mr. Zakharov (Deputy S-G, SCO)
Key-note speech Mr. Sytkin (CSTO)
Key-note speech Mr. Faltas (CESS)


Starlink Kazakhstan: Building Capacity for Democratic Governance in the Security Sector


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