GPP seminar V: Parliamentary Oversight of Security Policy: Tools and Challenges in the Process of Reform

Where and when

25 June 2010, The Parliament of the Republic of Georgia,Tbilisi


When military actions undertaken by their countries go wrong, how do parliaments hold governments accountable? Georgian MPs met colleagues from Lithuania and the Netherlands to discuss these and related questions at a seminar held by CESS in Tbilisi on 25 June 2010. The fifty participants also included parliamentary staff and officials of non-governmental organizations. In his opening words, the Dutch ambassador Pieter Jan Langenberg stressed the importance of sharing experiences.

Former Dutch MP Bert Bakker spoke about the parliamentary inquiry he chaired in 2002. This inquiry dealt with the fall of the enclave Srebrenica in 1995 and identified the mistakes made by soldiers in the field and by politicians in The Hague. Mr Bakker went on to tell the seminar about the work of the Dutch parliamentary commission that oversees peace support operations. Khatuna Gogorishvili and other Georgian MPs discussed the parliamentary inquiry held after the August War of 2008 and Georgia’s military involvement in Afghanistan. A former MP from Lithuania, Jonas Cekuolis, described the role of parliament in his country’s defence reforms.

The next seminar for Georgian parliamentarians organised by CESS and its Georgian partner CEIS will take place during a study visit to The Hague. The seminars are now to be followed by a series of training courses on parliamentary oversight of the security sector. The first will be held in Batumi on 6-8 October 2010. The Georgia Parliamentary Programme is sponsored by the Netherlands’ government.


Georgia Parliamentary Programme: a capacity-building and good governance programme


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