Book Launch: SSR in the Republic of Moldova: Strenthening Oversight of the Security Sector

Where and when

20 January 2010, The Parliament of Moldova


This book is the very first independent book entirely devoted to security policy and the security sector in the Republic of Moldova. Security-Sector Reform (SSR) may be a fashionable topic elsewhere, but it is still a new and untested idea in Moldova. The authors believe this needs to change. The twin objectives of SSR are highly relevant for Moldova. First, it will help the state to provide more effective security and justice services to the population. Second, it will make the delivery of these services more transparent and more accountable, and bring them fully under the rule of law.
The book is all the more noteworthy for having been written mostly by Moldovans. All chapters between the introduction and the conclusion were written by Moldovan experts.


Moldova Parliamentary Programme: A capacity-building and good governance programme on strengthening legislative oversight of the security sector


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