Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and its future implementation in SEE

Where and when

27-29 April 2010, Racviac, Croatia


This seminar brought together an international expert forum with the aim to discuss CSDP and its active implementation, with a focus on CSDP’s role in the development of the common European security and defence strategy. Great attention was also given to changes in the inner structure of CSDP, as well as in its organisational, financial and political aspects, instigated by the Lisbon Treaty. The CSDP seminar gathered high ranking officials representing national authorities such as ministries of defence, foreign affairs, as well as other governmental and non-governmental organisations and institutions. Altogether more than forty participants attended this seminar. On behalf of CESS, Wim van Eekelen and Sami Faltas gave presentations about, respectively, the EU as a Security Actor after Enlargement; and Parliamentary Oversight of Civilian and Military CSDP Missions.


SSR Training for South East Europe: Starlink at RACVIAC


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