Training of SSR Trainers

Where and when

16-18 June 2010, RACVIAC, Zagreb (Croatia)


Between 16 and 18 June 2010 CESS conducted its concluding event at RACVIAC outside Zagreb: a course to train SSR instructors. It brought together potential trainers from relevant ministries, regional and local authorities, international organizations and NGOs, with a view to obtaining teaching and didactical skills to teach the principles of SSR themselves in the near future. The trainees came from the core members of RACVIAC in South East Europe, but also from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, countries where CESS implemented its Starlink programme previously. The entire first day was dedicated to individual teaching exercises. Here the trainees applied their knowledge of SSR and demonstrated their teaching skills. On the second and the third day we selectively used a list of suggested topics and methods and asked the trainees to design a 3-day training programme in a young democracy on SSR. Moreover we asked them to develop a simulation exercise and challenged them to think about the use of such exercises. Finally, we dealt with problems in training programmes and how to deal with them. The participants evaluated the course positively and stated that they gained enough skills and tools to teach as SSR trainers in their own country.


SSR Training for South East Europe: Starlink at RACVIAC


If you have any questions regarding this event please contact CESS.