The EUCAM Initiative

Key elements

The Europe-Central Asia Monitoring (EUCAM) initiative was developed by FRIDE in 2008 where it was implemented until December 2015 when FRIDE seized its activities. Since then EUCAM became part of CESS that now manages the initiative. With CESS guidance and cooperation EUCAM will seek to continue to raise the profile of European-Central Asian relations in general, and more specifically to:

• critically, though constructively, scrutinize European policies towards Central Asia;

• enhance knowledge of European engagement with Central Asia through top-quality research;

• raise awareness on the importance of Central Asia and Europe’s engagement, as well as discuss European policies among Central Asian communities;

• expand the network of experts and institutions from Europe and Central Asia and provide a forum for debate.

Over the years EUCAM has established itself as a knowledge hub providing information and expert opinion on Europe-Central Asia relations. EUCAM has published over a 100 working papers, policy briefs, commentaries and newsletters, and has organised over 25 roundtables and conferences in Central Asia, Europe and the United States. For more information please visit:


2016 - ongoing