Greenwood Paper Special Issue

Educating Slovakia's Senior Officers

Otto Doornbos
48 pages, ISBN 90-76301-08-5 (6 1999)

This study is a concise account of the problems encountered by Slovakia in establishing a satisfactory education system for senior military personnel following the 'velvet divorce' of the Czech and the Slovak Republics in 1993. Otto Doornbos, a Dutch scholar, had access to all the key documents on reform of military education produced by the Slovaks. He also had the benefit of material obtained by interviews conducted by CESS Programme Manager Sander Huisman. After describing Slovakia's political background, the educational system and the general policy on military education, Doornbos critically analyses the education of senior officers, which was at times subordinated to the political situation. In addition to initial problems concerning 'starting from scratch' and having virtually no experience in conducting further education, until 1998 the Slovak system of higher education suffered from a political atmosphere that was not conducive to reform and innovation.

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Educating Slovakia's Senior Officers

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