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Security and Defence in South-Eastern Europe. The ESCADA Report

Staff of the Centre for European Security Studies
86 pages, ISBN 90 76301 18 2 (3 2003)

This volume is the end product of our research exercise Extending Security Co-operation and Defence Arrangements in South-Eastern Europe (ESCADA). More than 32 defence and security specialists from eight South-East European countries worked in 2002 in study groups to generate policy relevant papers on the two related themes: A) Extending Security Co-operation, and B) Harmonising Defence Arrangements. Included in this Harmonie Paper is an Executive Summary of Policy Recommendations that give the highlights of the research in abbreviated form. One of the bright ideas of the ‘Security Co-operation’ team is for example to tackle strategic crime in South-Eastern Europe by creating a system based on independent (non-local) evidence gathering, leading to indictment of top offenders by a high-profile Special Prosecutor, and trial before a specially-appointed tribunal. A key recommendation by the group dealing with ‘Harmonising Defence’ is to give priority to the quality of human capital and not to the modernisation of weapons.

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Security and Defence in South-Eastern Europe. The ESCADA Report

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