Greenwood Paper Special Issue

Slovenian Security Policy and NATO

Marjan Malesic
82 pages, ISBN 90-76301-14-X (6 2000)

Marjan Malesic work is an empirical investigation of the domestic aspects of Slovenia's quest for NATO membership, covering the period before and immediately after the country's failure to secure an invitation to negotiate accession (at the 1997 Madrid Summit). The paper elucidates the nature of the policy-making process, against the background of theoretical propositions about security policy decision-taking. The author provides detailed information about the attitudes of all participants in this process. After describing the security policy making in general Malesic uses four methods to examine the different perceptions toward NATO. First he offers a content analysis of mass media, secondly of official documents and statements, thirdly, interviews with state officials and political leaders and finally, public opinion data processing and interpretation, from existing polls. Malesic offers an excellent, authoritative source of reference on Slovenia.

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Slovenian Security Policy and NATO

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