Greenwood Paper Special Issue

Political Culture and Civil-Military Relations in Slovakia

Silvia Mihalikova
67 pages, ISBN 90 76301 12 3 (5 2000)

'The remedy for the vices of the army is not to be found in the army itself, but in the country' are the wise words expressed a century and a half ago by Alexis de Tocqueville. That this remark still applies in today's Slovakia is made clear by Silvia Mihalikova. Mihalikova explains the current state of civil-military relations in Slovakia in the context of past and present developments of the Slovak political culture, which can be seen as one of the most important aspects in the democratisation process. After sharing a common starting-point with the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, why has Slovakia followed a quite different path? On the basis of an analysis of Slovakia's history the author clarifies the country's undemocratic tradition. Subsequently, she offers an evaluation of Slovakia's experience with civil control of the armed forces and the process of defence and security policy institution-building since 1989 and particularly after gaining state independence in 1993.

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Political Culture and Civil-Military Relations in Slovakia

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