Welcome to CESS

Our office is in the Dutch city of Groningen, but our experts live all over the world. Our mission is to promote transparency, accountability and effectiveness in the field of security.

Security Sector Reform (SSR)

In our programmes we engage in training, research and consultancy, mostly on Security Sector Reform (SSR). We provide SSR training (including training of trainers) and develop training material for practitioners in defence, law enforcement, intelligence and other government agencies, parliament, media and civil society. We teach SSR all over Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Watch our 5-minute video or read our SSR brochure for more information.


25 years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall


In November 2014, CESS will organise a multi-day-event in the context of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which happened exactly 25 years ago. If we want to understand todays perceptions of peace, democracy and security, it is of the utmost importance to keep the memory of the Cold War alive.


New Programme CESS in Macedonia


During a debate in the Macedonian Parliament in December 2012 skirmishes broke out between deputies of the ruling coalition and the opposition, causing the largest opposition party to boycott the chamber. In March 2013 they reconciled with the governing coalition and resumed their work, although a certain level of distrust still exists. In the meantime a decision was made to install an ad hoc Committee of Inquiry who proposed recommendations about the functioning of the Assembly and, subsequently, a parliamentary Working Group was established in August 2013 to implement these recommendations.


CESS Movie

CESS The Movie

SSR training: Simulation Exercise

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CESS SSR Training

Key elements of the CESS SSR training:

  • Interactive
  • 3-5 day courses
  • Simulation exercise
  • Groups of max. 20 participants
  • Experienced trainers
  • Tailor made

See our SSR Training Brochure (PDF).