Greenwood Paper Special Issue

Promoting Good Governance in the Security Sector: Principles and Challenges

Mert Kayhan & Merijn Hartog, editors
163 pages, ISBN 978-90-76301-29-7 (2 2013)

This latest Greenwood Paper marks the end of our three-year programme in Turkey. The aim of the book is to analyse the fundamentals of four major strands of good governance in the security sector: parliamentary oversight, financial accountability, the rule of law and civil direction. Another aim of the book is to scrutinise recent developments in Turkey, using the four themes as a structure. By means of different case studies, all related to good governance in the security sector, four Turkish authors assess the many reforms that have taken place in their country in the recent past and the many challenges that still lie ahead. We have also asked four authors from the Netherlands to consider the four case study themes from a Dutch perspective, as such providing a Western European point of view on security sector governance. Finally, we've asked four alumni of our training courses in Turkey to write a policy paper on a practical policy issue. These four papers are also to be found in this book.

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Promoting Good Governance in the Security Sector: Principles and Challenges

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